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Making it easy to buy ethically

We bring together the best ethical vendors to make one simple marketplace for the conscious shopper.

At ShopKind, we take the work out of finding responsible fashion. Here you can shop multiple stores at the same time, comparing styles, brands, and prices. We believe in all the products we feature, but if you have a cause that is important to you, simply narrow your list of retailers by using our Kind Filters.

why shop ethically?
The problem of fast fashion

The fashion industry’s negative impact on our world has become an issue of concern to many conscious shoppers as they become aware of the where their clothing comes from. With sweatshops fueling a mindset of reckless consumption while endangering the planet, with the exploitation of underprivileged workers throughout the production cycle, and with growing landfills of castoff clothing, many people believe that now is the time to expect more from themselves and the companies they support.

The hurdles of shopping ethically

Even the most informed consumer has to face the lack of transparency of big retailers, while smaller shops are often expensive, offer few options, and are hard to find. Not to mention that not everyone agrees on what ethical shopping even means, which makes it confusing for someone with specific values to even begin searching for products that they want to support. Once a product is found, it can often be hard to stomach the higher price tag compared to traditional retailers. Maybe we can’t help with that last problem, but we can at least make the ethical shopping process a lot more enjoyable.

In a world where our choices matter, making a good one shouldn’t be so hard.

Our Kind Filters

To make it easier to support specific causes, we've filtered products by value.

Kind = Fair

Kind = Eco-Friendly

Kind = Organic

Kind = Made in USA

Kind = Re-Made

Kind = Vegan

Kind = Conflict-Free

Kind = Gives Back