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How to Style an Affordable and Ethical Outfit: Two Real-Life Examples

We’ve shared a lot of ideas on the blog to help with dressing ethically, but we thought that it would be fun to show some examples of how we put it into practice with some real-life outfits.  Today we are excited to show how we put together a couple of outfits that are ethical and affordable at the same time by combining items from ethical shops with thrifted finds. Looking adorable while feeling good about what you spent and who you spent it on? Is that even possible?

For a summer trip to the mall with her kids, Samantha is wearing Patagonia shorts with a thrifted cami and a Prana vest. Her Italian leather sandals are also thrifted for five dollars. What a steal!

This poppy-colored baseball cap from Everlane was the perfect pop of color for an otherwise neutral outfit.

How gorgeous is that pearl and hemp bracelet that Samantha made herself! It’s actually a necklace but she is the queen of using one item multiple ways.

This little cutie didn’t want to be left out of the fun. Her thrifted dress is adorable too.

In this next outfit, Samantha wore the same accessories for a totally different look by pairing them with a chambray shift dress and a thrifted sweater and shoes.

This look is perfect for people who live somewhere like San Diego where we still get summer weather halfway into fall. It has a nice layered feel without adding too much warmth. If you lived somewhere with actual weather, you could switch out the sleeveless sweater for the real thing and add boots.

We hope to be back soon with some more ethical outfits. Thanks to Samantha for letting us be inspired by your style. I think we need to get you back on the blog to give us some thrift-shopping tips!


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