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Introducing the Team

We wanted to take the opportunity in this post to introduce the ShopKind team. Transparency is key in the ethical shopping industry, and what better way to demonstrate that than by putting our faces out there so people can see who’s behind the website. Hopefully it will also open the way for us to do more personal posts and reviews in the future!

First up is Alexandra. She is our team writer, researcher, and content creator for the blog and she also runs the Instagram account. She had the idea for when she became frustrated at how complicated and overwhelming it seemed to begin shopping ethically, and now it’s her passion to make it easier and more accessible for others. The top ethical item on her wishlist is Everlane's Day Market Tote in Cognac.

Our main software developer is Philip. He built most of the website and is the go-to guy to add features that the rest of the team dreams up. We are thankful for his work behind the scenes to make the actual website run. The top ethical item on his wish-list is this cotton flannel shirt from Prana.

Gabriella brings a lot of creativity to the team. She uses her graphic design skills and detail-oriented personality to tirelessly produce the actual blog and social media posts. She’s also in charge of User Experience in the Marketplace, so if you have any ideas for new features to add, feel free to message her. Everlane's heel boots in Graphite suede are on the top of her wish-list.

Jonathan is a software engineer and entrepreneur. He uses his career experience to help with strategy for the website as well as oversee the development. The top ethical item on his wishlist is this pair of Prana boardshorts, which would be perfect for his beach volleyball and other ocean activities.

There you have it! You can expect to see a lot more from us in the future, although we also hope to convince a lot of our friends and family to appear on the blog as well. Hopefully it helps to know the faces behind the blog.

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