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Your Guide to Guilt-free Shopping

Introducing: ShopKind

Welcome to the ShopKind blog, where we hope to build a community centered around a positive conversation about ethical shopping. Often it seems like understanding the world of conscious fashion can be complicated by conflicting opinions, information overload, or fear of judgement from other ethical shoppers. We’d like to make conscious shopping more accessible as we source, feature, educate, and inspire in partnership with our ShopKind marketplace. The ethics of world markets and the fashion industry are indeed complicated, but we don’t believe in letting discouragement at not being able to make a perfect choice keep us from making a good one. Instead of boycotts, bad lists, or calling out bad brands, we’d like to focus on positive ways to shop with no guilt.

Join the movement by using our hashtag #howdoyoushopkind to help spread the word about conscious fashion.

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