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Featured Five

Every now and then the ShopKind team comes across an interesting article or podcast related in some way to the topic of ethical shopping. We thought it would be a good idea to regularly feature five of our current favorite finds that might interest our readers:

ONE Grace Bonney at Design Sponge talks about the rationale for supporting both big box stores and small designers.

TWO This episode of Freakonomics Radio delves into the reasons behind Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Do they exist to attract ethical customers or ethical employees? They interview someone who created real companies and employed actual people for the purpose of finding out if employees do a better job when their work supports a good cause. The short version: they do if they sought out the job for moral reasons, but if they find out after being hired that they are contributing to good cause they are more likely to slack off on their work, a form of moral licensing. Listen to the end to hear some entertaining examples of moral licensing sent in by listeners to the podcast.

THREE When shopping for ethical footwear, athletic shoes are often the hardest to find. Here’s a great roundup of ethical sneakers and sports shoes.

FOUR This slightly older article has some interesting graphics related to fast fashion. One memorable fact: Making one shirt takes as much water as a human would drink in two and a half years.

FIVE An innovative project that combines fast fashion with empowering women entrepreneurs.

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