Our Kind Filters

Ethical shoppers are a diverse group. Most don't want other people paying the price for the styles they wear, but it doesn't stop there. Some shoppers also want to support their local economy, while others care most about the environment, buying organic, or shopping vegan. Enter our solution: Kind Filters. You tell us how you want to shop by choosing one or more of the values that speak to you.

Kind = Fair

The 2017 ethical fashion report declares the rights of workers to be a safe workplace, a living wage, and freedom from slavery. Whether items in this category are Fair Trade, artisan-made, GOTS-certified, or meet other standards of fairness and dignity to employees, we believe that buying things in this category empowers the people who make them.

Kind = Eco-Friendly

With this filter you can be confident that you are doing your share by choosing products with minimal impact on the environment. Examples of things in this category include products produced with sustainable materials, minimal waste production facilities, and responsible policies to help keep our planet green.

Kind = Organic

This category isn’t just kind to the earth by lessening the use of toxic chemicals, it’s kind to you and your skin. Here’s a good place to start on your search for natural, non-toxic, organic clothing.

Kind = Made in the USA

As more and more jobs move overseas, many Americans want to know that they are supporting their local economy with the products they purchase. If that’s you, keep an eye on this flag icon to find things that are made in the USA.

Kind = Re-Made

From the cotton fields to the factory to the landfill, there are lots of things to change about our clothing cycle, and if you’re a shopper who prefers not to contribute to the consumption of new materials, we suggest shopping with this filter to find renewed, upcycled, and recycled products.

Kind = Vegan

Animal lovers, this filter is for you. To make things easier we limited the items in this filter to cruelty-free versions of products that would typically be made at the expense of animals, such as shoes and bags.

Kind = Conflict-Free

If you’re concerned about funding gang wars and child soldiers, this filter helps you shop responsibly for the 3TG(tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold) to avoid conflict minerals, as well as find ethical diamonds and other gems.

Kind = Gives Back

In stark contrast to typical retailers, some companies exist not to make money but to help others. In this category you will find products from companies that are non-profit, B Corp, or charitable foundations who give a large percentage of their proceeds to worthy causes.